2016 Annual Powwow has been cancelled!

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Homecoming Powwow Association (HPWA) was founded in 2012 by an eclectic group of enthusiasts, artisans, craftsmen, teachers and

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Homecoming Powwowers!!

It is with GREAT sadness that we must announce that Homecoming Powwow 2016 has been cancelled. As most of you know, Lake Park was closed back in November after a sinkhole opened. The Park remains closed indefinitely. We will certainly keep you all abreast of any upcoming activities and we ABSOLUTELY are planning on Homecoming Powwow 2017!! Below is an indepth explanation of what is going on at the Park and what the future holds from our VP, Doug Wi...lcox (thank you Doug!!)

Until then be well, enjoy your powwow travels and adventures and watch for news from the BEST LITTLE POWWOW IN FLORIDA!

"Thank you for visiting our page. We regret to inform everyone that The Homecoming Powwow Association will NOT host a fall powwow in 2016. We have been waiting for an announcement regarding Lake Park reopening that has not yet materialized. At this point we are regrouping and plan to host a fall powwow in 2017, either at Lake Park, if it reopens to the public, or at a new location, as yet to be determined. Lake Park is still closed for multiple reasons. Sinkhole analysis and evalution from last fall's sinkhole is still ongoing even though the sinkhole was far from the Powwow Arena. Lake Park's land (and water in the lakes) is owned by Pinellas County as a Water Pumping Station and water reservoir. The land was leased to the Hillsborough County Department of Parks and Recreation for use as a county park. The lease is up for renewal and the two counties have not yet agreed on a new price. The old lease was $1 a year. Pinellas County now wants $40K+ for a new lease and Hillsborough County is understandably is balking. The two sides are not close. The negotiations are especially difficult since Hillsborough County has paid for all the park upgrades like the RC car track, trails, picnic shelters and tables, the rodeo arena, bathrooms, etc. Due to the above, its unknown when Lake Park will reopen, if ever."

Regards, Doug Wilcox VP, Homecoming Powwow Assoc.
Douglas Wilcox's photo.

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